Are you looking to connect with other badass, creative, like-minded women who are challenging the idea that alcohol is a necessity for a good time?

Apply to become a Counterculture Club member! 

Our community is based in Charlotte, NC, however we offer virtual and in-person membership options and have members from all over the globe! 

Membership is for you if: 

  • You're looking for a community of badass, successful like-minded individuals to support you in your alcohol-free journey. 
  • You want a BIG life full of joy and freedom from alcohol, rather than a life of deprivation.
  • You want to shift your mindset about what an alcohol-free lifestyle looks like (spoiler alert: alcohol-free does NOT = boring!).
  • You want to develop healthier habits.
  • You want to explore new hobbies and passions.
  • You're curious. You're always looking to learn more and grow as an individual.
Membership Includes:
  • Private Members-Only Online Community
  • Weekly "Share Squares" (aka times to connect, get support and chat virtually each week!)
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Monthly Expert Panels
  • One Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session + Discounts on Future Sessions
  • Free and/or Discounted Special Events
  • Quarterly Tarot Card Reading Parties 
  • +More 
Apply here or set up a 1:1 call with us here to learn more. 


“For me, the transition to sobriety initially came with a lot of loneliness, feeling like an outsider, and having to redefine my lifestyle. But through yoga, book club, and other Counterculture Club events, I've met people who I can relate to who are working toward similar goals for their personal well being. It's been an opportunity to make friends and build a broader community in a safe space where I feel like I can be myself. ”

— Melissa Rossi, Counterculture Club Member
“I was so thrilled to find Counterculture Club, and I have really enjoyed getting to know the members through our weekly meetings and fun events, including outdoor yoga, book club and special speakers. I’ve never had a group that I could openly speak about sobriety with in the way that we openly speak about it. I’ve said this so many times, but to see a young group like yourselves figure it out at such a young age gives me hope for future generations!!  Being a part of this like-minded group has been a lifesaver for me!  

Thank you, Molly, for your innovation and hard work to get [Counterculture Club] going and keep making it better!"

— Meg Thomason, Counterculture Club Member
Counter Culture club has been a great community that has helped support me in my sobriety journey. I’ve met so many great people that have helped me realize I can have fun and socialize without alcohol!

— Kara Baas, Counterculture Club Member

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