My personalized 1:1 alcohol freedom coaching is for you if: 
  • You want to feel EMPOWERED by your sobriety rather than ashamed of it 
  • You feel like your drinking is holding you back from achieving your goals. For example, are you trying to grow in your career but can't get there because your hangovers on Mondays hold you back from tackling your to-do list? 
  • You're sick of "going out for drinks" being all you ever do for fun 
  • You want to learn WHY you still miss drinking, even after some sober time so you can figure out how to let those desires go
  • You' like to do your own thing and want to craft your own alcohol-free lifestyle that works for you
Coaching is NOT for you if: 
  • You are currently physically dependent on alcohol or other drugs and need medical assistance to detox.


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