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What is Counterculture Club?

Counterculture Club is a health & wellness club dedicated to providing community for those who live an alcohol-free lifestyle or are interested in drinking less.

Our primary goal is to challenge the idea that you need booze to have a good time. We offer a membership community, 1:1 alcohol freedom coaching and events that all help you to build a joyful, healthy life you love.
  • Why did you create this group? 
    • We all arrived at an alcohol-free lifestyle for different reasons, but the common denominator was we wanted more authentic connection in our lives and a space where we didn't have to be the odd one out for not ordering a drink. Sometimes it can feel isolating not imbibing at an event, so we wanted to create more spaces where not drinking was the norm. 
  • What kinds of events does Counterculture Club offer?
    • We want to showcase that an alcohol-free life isn’t limited - if anything you can do MORE if you’re not drinking so the events we offer vary. In addition to our monthly re-occurring events for members such as our weekly share squares and book club, we host events for the community. Some of our past and upcoming events include virtual panels with sobriety experts, outdoor yoga, coffee meetups, virtual tarot card reading parties and more.
  • If you drink can you still join Counterculture Club and/or attend an event? 
    • Absolutely! Counterculture Club events and community are for everyone -- whether you're sober, sober-curious, a non-drinker for health/wellness reasons, just taking the night off from drinking or experimenting with what it's like to socialize without alcohol.
  • Why should I become a member?
    • You should become a member if you're looking to try new activities, learn more skills and build new relationships with like-minded people that don't revolve around alcohol. Our community supports each other through whatever curve balls come our way, we do activities together and lean on each other and learn from each other.