What is Counterculture Club?

Counterculture Club is a health & wellness group dedicated to providing community geared towards those who live an alcohol-free lifestyle or are interested in drinking less. Our events and community challenge the idea that you need booze to have a good time.

  • Why did you create this group? 
    • We all arrived at an alcohol-free lifestyle for different reasons, but the common denominator was we wanted more authentic connection in our lives and a space where we didn't have to be the odd one out for not ordering a drink. Sometimes it can feel isolating not imbibing at an event, so we wanted to create more spaces where not drinking was the norm. 
  • What kinds of events does Counterculture Club offer?
    • We want to showcase that an alcohol-free life isn’t limited - if anything you can do MORE if you’re not drinking so the events we offer vary. We host and / or plan to host coffee meetups, book club, fitness classes, spirit-free happy hours, hikes, etc.
  • If you drink can you still join Counterculture Club? 
    • Absolutely! Counterculture Club events and community are for everyone -- whether you're in recovery, sober for health/wellness reasons, just taking the night off from drinking or experimenting with what it's like to socialize without it.